Why Sleep Matters for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, the phrase “burning the midnight oil” may be familiar to you or you may even brag about catching just a few hours of sleep due to how impressive your work is and time-consuming it may be. That isn’t at all good, of course. Deep down, I’m sure


Life’s Been Throwing Lemons At You. So, What Should You Do?

  Reflecting upon the days in 2019, some may conclude that it wasn’t the best year. In the world of business, thriving entrepreneurs may point to the days when challenges got in their way towards success. Whether the setback was major or minor, there is usually an opportunity to learn


The Showcase of Altel’s 5G Autonomous Shuttle Buggy in Langkawi

Altel Holdings Sdn Bhd, a part of the Albukhary Group of Companies and Tradewinds Corp showcased it’s 5G-powered four-seater autonomous shuttle buggy at the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) 5G Demonstration Project (5GDP) in Langkawi on January 21 2020. Altel mentioned that Tradewinds’ Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa will


Malaysia to Champion 5G in Southeast Asia

Malaysia is all set to make its mark on the global arena on par with developed economies with the implementation of 5G Demonstration Projects (5GDP) throughout the country led by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). The progress in the implementation of the fifth generation mobile technology (5G) will


12 Essential Steps to Start a Business

There are no limits to becoming a great entrepreneur. A university or college degree, financial stability or business experience in general isn’t at all necessary to begin something that could be the next major hit in the world of business. However, you would certainly need a strong plan and the


Online Business vs. Offline Business

The growing number of businesses that make major investments in establishing and marketing their online presence makes it worth, taking a moment to differentiate between online and offline business. Both have unique strengths and weaknesses, as described below:   Business Model Cost of setting up & doing business Online business,