Online Business vs. Offline Business

The growing number of businesses that make major investments in establishing and marketing their online presence makes it worth, taking a moment to differentiate between online and offline business. Both have unique strengths and weaknesses, as described below:   Business Model Cost of setting up & doing business Online business,


Which is Better for Retailers? Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Website

Many people spend two times more on their phones than on their desktop computers and 87% of that time is spent on apps, yet we regularly run into retailers who think a mobile website presence will suffice. However, there’s always pros and cons for the use of both mobile apps


Let’s Build A Fearless Culture

A Fearless Culture is the result of a cumulative focus of leaders across the organisation, led and modelled by those at the top. Drawing on questioning methods and a coaching approach, leaders who ask, build Fearless Cultures.   Ask more questions and tell less “Insight” involved when you ask questions


The Ups and Downs of Owning Your Own Business

Having your own business is not all rainbows and unicorns. However, even though there are ups and downs in the business world, much ownership believes that the advantage will always balance the disadvantage. The Downs Long Hour Entrepreneurs who want to produce income and profit work almost always work more


Successful Habits for a Business Lifestyle

It is not as simple to run a lifestyle business as it may sound. As with all kinds of business, internet or offline, a ton of work is required to maintain stuff going smoothly and effectively daily. Set Goals and Review Them Every Day Setting and revising your goals is


5 Mistakes First-Time Founders Make When Starting a Business

True to the facts and numbers that emerge in each year, more and more people turn to follow the path of entrepreneurship to learn the craft of operating a successful business. As much as most of us appreciate listening to success stories about business stalwarts that make a name for