Saturday, July 13

3 Simple Ways to Make People Trust You

When it comes to businesses, your relationships matter most to you – pretty much the same when it comes to life, don’t you agree? The foundation of good relationships is centered on the base of trust. Building trust takes time but losing it takes a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds. So how do you build trust in businesses? Here are some steps to assist you.

1. Be honest about missed appointments

Sometimes cancellations of appointments or an important meeting tends to come about but 9 times out of 10, we tend to look beyond the reasons as to why it happened in the first place let alone informing the person in particular that we are to meet. Be honest about it – give them an explanation they deserve to avoid distrust or a soiled relationship with you.

2. Owning up to your mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes – it’s only natural. When a mistake does occur on your part, own up to it rather than phishing the blame or “mistake card” to someone else. Accept responsibility for your actions quickly. That’s how you establish trust.

3. Be straightforward about your motives

We grow within companies. And we are all familiar with the term, “Employees come, employees go.” When you do feel that your time in a company has come to an end and you’re looking into moving forward, be willing to explain why. Your superior will appreciate that you did and by doing so, you maintain possibilities of working together in the future.

So let’s be honest. How truthful have you been in your relationships?

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