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5 Personality Types For Successful Entrepreneurs

When it comes to deciding personality types, most people turn to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The MBTI test is a questionnaire that shows how people see the world and decide to do things. While this questionnaire has been around forever and only predicts people’s abilities, the MBTI test can indicate people with the right attitude to become entrepreneurs.

Before that, the MBTI covers a few factors. There are 16 personality types listed under the MBTI, and each of the types are results from the answers in the questionnaire. The answers picked actually reveal the tester’s preferences on four opposing pairs of personality traits. By the end of the questionnaire, testers will receive a four-letter code that shows their traits.

These are the codes they will receive:-

First letter: either an ‘E’ for extraversion, or ‘I’ for introversion.

Second letter: either ‘S’ for sensing, or ‘N’ for intuition.

Third letter: either ‘T’ for thinking, or ‘F’ for feeling.

Fourth letter: either ‘J’ for judging, or ‘P’ for perceiving.

The most successful entrepreneurs typically come from these personalities: ENTP, ESTJ, ENTJ, INTJ, and ISTJ.

The similarity between all these types is that they’re all thinkers, which is highly beneficial for business. Thinkers would base their thinking on logic, and would also be more inclined to take the road less travelled. Although more than half of these personalities are extroverts, the introverted types follow behind as well. Entrepreneurs know when to be aggressive or be tactical when the time calls for it, hence balancing extraversion and introversion. The same goes with following intuition, a trait that goes with more than half of the above personality types. Entrepreneurs must know the time to follow their gut feelings or observe precautions before  taking the next step.

There are other reasons that these five personality types can potentially be exceptional entrepreneurs. ENTPs, for example, are nicknamed ‘the inventors.’ Most of these types would challenge authority – that’s independent businessman spirit right there! – and they hate to be proven wrong. They are risk-takers and innovators, which can be key factors to be entrepreneurs. On the contrary, ESTJs are called ‘ the supervisors’. They work best in managing chaotic situations and turn them to structure and order. Their introverted counterpart, the ISTJs are ‘the inspector’. Their potential lies in managing chaos by the book, like for legal counsel. When it comes to highly effective leaders, then ENTJs take the crown. They are the CEOs, the one who take charge and come up with solutions or alternatives when facing adversities. Their counterpart, the INTJs are called ‘the mastermind’. Great planners who do all the work behind the scenes, any business would want INTJs as their master strategist.

All in all, these five are the personality types to look out for when starting a business. While other personality types can also be entrepreneurs, these thinker types may be far more successful than others will ever be.

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