Intelligent knowledgeabe Original Negotiator

  • IKON Magazine Malaysia brings unique iconic personalities’ stories for readers
  • IKON Stands for Intelligence Knowledgeable Original Negotiators, these are qualities that any person needs to succeed in any field today
  • It is an English language quarterly publication that highlights that excellence of Malaysian heroes, corporations, personalities and SMEs
  • IKON brings stories of triumph of people from all walks of Malaysian life. From the heroic firefighter to the multi millionaire business person
  • IKON Magazine will hold a yearly award which will recognize 10 iconic persons and IKON
  • The IKON will receive an award, gifts, a full cover story and publicity to be decided.
  • Engagement: The emotional bond between a magazine and its readership is unique and irreplaceable
  • Trust: It develops a strong relationship with the community it serves
  • Technology-proof: Doesn’t require electricity and don’t run down, making it more flexible than other modern medium
  • Value: Magazine has been proven to enhance the value of a brand
  • Brand extension: It generates hard-earned loyalty of long-time readers.

To start a magazine, you need someone who can …

  • Choose and present a mix of content that is interesting and valuable to a community of readers
  • Guide the content through the editorial process to ensure polish, depth, accuracy and quality
  • Always looking forward and thinking ahead to future issues
  • Oversee the physical compilation of all the materials by setting a production schedule and makes sure that everyone sticks to it.

What we can offer

IKON Magazine Content

  • Front cover personality interview
  • Featured SME personality
  • Business news
  • Lifestyle content
  • Post business event coverage
  • Upcoming business events
  • Corporate advertisement

About the magazine

  • Publication: Quarterly monthly
  • Circulation: 2,000 copies nationwide
  • Free circulation / distribute to bookstore
  • Readership executive level, start up, business owner, CEO
  • Number of pages: 100
  • Language: English
  • Publisher Empower Media
  • Age: 25 to 55 years old