Sunday, May 26

Agnes Lee & Caryn Leo build the Most Trusted Brand in Beauty & Health Industry 2022

Two ladies are known as the anchor and driver of Mac Innovations Sdn. Bhd. The company specializes in infusing technology with beauty treatments and 21st-century regimes. IKON Malaysia has identified them as the Most Trusted Brand in Beauty & Health Industry this 2022, as the company and proven stable growth and popularity in the community.

With the two key pillars Agnes Lee and Caryn Leo, their combined expertise has built the company with a proven reputation for excellence and results. The services under Mac Innovations include CAK peptide treatments which are comparatively efficient and safer compared to traditional beauty therapy and esthetical surgery. The treatment focuses on highly active peptides to activate the elastin and fibroblasts of the skin dermis to achieve that firmer and smoother skin finish. 

Operating in Malaysia, the company has tailored solutions that appeal to the Asian market and help bring notable results. With services that cater to scalp treatments and products that give consumers a solution to defend their skin from southeast Asian sun exposure. 

Agnes Lee has 20 years of experience in the beauty industry itself and is a certified esthetician from Christine Valmy International Esthetic School, New York. Before her venture into Mac Innovations, she served 3 years in Christine Chin Spa which is known to be the most visited spa by Hollywood celebrities and models. Her work in the beauty industry has included her expertise in treatments for famous Hollywood actresses: Penelope Cruz, Wynona Ryder, Hilary Swank, top models Karolina Kurkova, Gisele Bundchen, entrepreneur cum supermodel Josie Miran and etc.

With over 1000 beauty professionals trained by Agnes, her vision and capacity to serve with excellence have garnered trust and high demand for Mac Innovations. 

Alongside her, Caryn Leo brings the business and marketing vision and perspective to the company, making the duo a formidable force. She has served as a marketing director for 5 multinational companies and is in fact a speaker and instructor of sales management and marketing training programs across a large number of Asian cities. 

Her skill as an industry expert has greatly contributed to the brand and awareness strategy for Mac Innovations, as she is sought after in the field across southeast Asia. Her experience additionally includes training and grooming more than 1000 beauty entrepreneurs who have grown to flourish into million-dollar companies. 

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