Tuesday, May 28

AirAsia is interested in leasing aircraft from MyAirline

Six Airbus A320s that were operated by MyAirline, will be leased by AirAsia as part of an effort to grow its operations.

Bo Lingam, group CEO of AirAsia Aviation Group Ltd, stated that the lessor organisation, which owns the aircrafts that were leased to MyAirline, contacted AirAsia to inquire about the need for additional aircraft.

“I said, yes, we would like to have the aircrafts.

“Once MyAirlines returns the aircrafts to the lessor, they will lease them to us,” he said at a press conference on Monday, adding that the number of aircrafts will be confirmed next week.

To assist MyAirline passengers impacted by flight suspensions, AirAsia has offered 50% discounted fares.

“I think so far there are 10,635 MyAirline passengers who have taken up the 50% discount to fly with AirAsia,” Bo said.

Customers of affected MyAirlines who have bookings on particular flights, such as those to Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, Penang, and other domestic and regional locations, are the only ones eligible for the 50% discount.

In addition, as part of its environmental initiatives, Ground Team Red (GTR), a subsidiary of AirAsia, has adopted two electric tractors for baggage operations at Terminal 2 of Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

GTR CEO Musdalifa Abdullah stated that the adoption of EVs into GTR’s KLIA Terminal 2 operations followed a fruitful trial run that started in August.

“This marks a major step forward in our commitment to sustainability and innovation in the aviation industry,” he said at the press conference.

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