Friday, July 12

Am I a Boss or a Leader?

If a day comes when your superior asks you this question out of the blue, do not answer immediately. It’s a trick question. If you answer that he or she is a boss, there is a negative image to the label, but if you answer the latter, you might seem too eager to please. However, if you are someone who is used to working directly under someone in an organization, you are bound to notice the difference between these two terms. Here is a checklist for you to see if your superior is a boss or a leader.

1.  How the superior pushes the employees

Bosses in general would choose to push or drive employees, hence, the term ‘slave-driver’, in this regard whereas leaders would rather coach their employees.

Bosses would rely a lot on their authority, using their seniority as much as they can to make their employees work, while leaders would rely on good will for the work to be completed.

2. How the superior makes the employees feel

Bosses always, always incite fear within the employees, like when assigning tasks or presentations, but effective leaders make them enthusiastic to be assigned with the work.

3. The superior’s mannerisms

Bosses have a higher tendency to speak and use “I” more often in their sentences, but leaders would tend to use “we” more.

When it comes to breakdowns or problems down the line, bosses would look for other people or places to take the blame but righteous leaders would choose to fix those problems instead.

Bosses would know how things are done, but instead of just knowing, effective leaders would show how they are done.

4. When it comes to their treatment of their employees

Bosses would use and manipulate people, regardless of employees, clients and all, but good leaders would go above and beyond to help these people grow and improve for the better.

Bosses tend to take all the credit when a certain project proves to be successful, but leaders would also give credit to where it is due.

Bosses always give commands to their employees, but leaders always ask questions instead.

Bosses would tell you, “go” and do his biddings’, but great leaders would say “let’s go” and do the work together.

So, now it all comes down to the million dollar question: Is your superior a boss or a leader?


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