Sunday, February 25

Anwar Ibrahim’s Approval Rating Dips to 50% Amid Economic Concerns, Reveals Merdeka Center Poll

Credit: Bloomberg

An independent poll conducted by Merdeka Center revealed a decline in Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s personal approval rating to 50%, largely influenced by escalating concerns about Malaysia’s economic performance.

The recent survey, released by Merdeka Center, disclosed that 48 percent of respondents in the October poll expressed dissatisfaction with the Anwar administration’s performance.

Merdeka Center highlighted that the fluctuations in voter sentiments primarily stemmed from economic worries affecting individuals’ livelihoods. Only 31% of voters believe the country is on the right track, while 60% believe it is heading in the wrong direction.

The survey identified economic concerns as the primary reason for the negative outlook (56%), followed by worries about political instability (13%) and inadequate administration (9%).

The approval rating for Anwar in December’s poll was notably higher at 68%, with federal government satisfaction standing at 54%.

According to Merdeka Center, the survey mirrors public expectations of the administration for stimulating economic growth and addressing persistent worries regarding inflation and sluggish wage increments.

The electorate’s future opinion, as per the survey, will likely hinge on various factors, including potential subsidy withdrawals, new taxation initiatives, and alterations in cash transfer programs, notably those announced by Anwar in his capacity as the finance minister for Budget 2024.

Economic growth dominated concerns, with 78% of respondents indicating it as their primary worry.

The telephone survey, conducted from October 4 to October 24, involved 1,220 registered voters, maintaining proportional representation reflective of the national electoral profile. Random stratified sampling across age groups, ethnicities, genders, and state constituencies was employed in participant selection.

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