Tuesday, May 28

Can Your Sock Style Give Away Your Generation? TikTok Thinks So!

A TikTok video has ignited a debate about generational fashion preferences, claiming to distinguish millennials from Gen Zers based on their sock choices.

Phoebe Parsons, host of the “Fit(ish)” podcast and a pilates instructor, shared a video asserting that millennials often opt for ankle socks, while their younger counterparts tend to prefer socks that extend past the ankles. The video amassed 1.6 million views and over 3,100 comments.


This is exactly how to tell the difference between a millennial and gen z just by looking at their feet #millennial #genz

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Parsons confidently stated that you can discern a person’s generation “just by looking at their feet.”

Some users concurred with Parsons’ observation. One individual mentioned that millennials, having experienced significant scrutiny over sock choices, would likely stick with ankle socks. Another person shared that the popularity of ankle socks marked a turning point for them and they couldn’t imagine going back, as socks any higher became uncomfortable.

However, not everyone identified with the distinction.

Socks have joined the ranks of other fashion items, like skinny jeans and high-waisted shorts, in the ongoing generational style discourse online. TikTok is rife with videos comparing the habits and preferences of millennials and Gen Zers, spanning topics from dance moves and slang to senses of humor.

The conversation has even spilled over into discussions about interior design trends favored by the two generations.

In October, TikToker Reeves Connelly weighed in on which design elements popular with Gen Z he believes will eventually phase out, drawing comparisons to now-outdated millennial design trends.

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