Tuesday, May 28

Capital A Airlines Achieve Impressive 89% Load Factor in 3Q Amidst Strong Post-Pandemic Demand

In the third quarter of 2023 (3Q), Capital A Bhd’s combined airlines achieved a robust load factor of 89%.

The group, consisting of AirAsia’s Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesian, and Philippines divisions, accommodated 14.7 million passengers with 16.5 million seat capacities across 152 operational aircraft.

This strong performance reflects the sustained high travel demand following the pandemic, resulting in significant year-on-year growth.

The load factor increased by three percentage points, with a nearly 50% growth in passengers carried and a 45% growth in seat capacity.

Year-to-date, the consolidated airlines have recovered 76% of passenger volume compared to the same period in 2019, surpassing overall capacity recovery at 73%.

All airlines experienced notably high load factors, primarily driven by the growth in international seat sales.

AirAsia Philippines led the way with a remarkable 368% year-on-year increase in international passengers, serving over 354,000 passengers.

This was followed by AirAsia Thailand, which carried 1.8 million international passengers, a 164% increase year-on-year.

AirAsia Malaysia and AirAsia Indonesia both exhibited approximately 100% year-on-year growth, with 3.1 million and 1.1 million international passengers, respectively.

airasia MOVE, recently rebranded from airasia Superapp, achieved a new record with 15.4 million average monthly active users, a 61% year-on-year increase. This surge in users also resulted in a new high of 8.3 million transactions, marking a 65% year-on-year increase.

BigPay continued to thrive, with carded users growing by 14% year-on-year, reaching 1.5 million users. Its gross transaction value (GTV) also exhibited significant growth, rising by 24% year-on-year, spanning all products.

In Capital A’s logistics division, Teleport recorded a substantial 115% year-on-year increase by delivering 57,309 tonnes. The delivery segment continued to show impressive growth by delivering 7.4 million parcels during 3Q2023.

In aviation services, Capital A reported that Asia Digital Engineering’s (ADE) base maintenance activities saw a 58% increase in the number of checks completed during 3Q2023 compared to the corresponding period in the previous year.

Line maintenance registered a 44% year-on-year increase, aligned with the surge in flight frequencies. The group’s in-flight service provider, Santan, reported five million units sold in 3Q, marking an 86% year-on-year increase.

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