4 Ways to Get Over Burnout and Find Inspiration Again

Burnout is an inevitable part of life that comes in many forms – stemming from not finding inspiration at work to not being able to meet deadlines in time or feeling overwhelmed most of the time. The simplest of things like exercising everyday or going for a weekend getaway every

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How Business Entrepreneurs Can Give Back To Mother Nature

As the years go by, Mother Nature has taken a lot of damage. Global warming, plastic flooding the seas, deforestation: these are just a few of the disasters that plague the planet. While there are government bodies and communities that are taking the right steps to save the earth, business

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Recession-proof Business Ventures You Need To Know

When the world goes through economic recessions, millions of people often find themselves unemployed. When there is economic instability, employers would find it hard to pay wages and would resort to tightening their workforce. However, there are a few business ventures that can stand through these hard economic times. Food

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Must-Have Items for Business Travelers

When we talk about business travels, we think of business trips, conferences or talks we must attend beyond our office desks. Most veteran business travelers would advise you to bring two of everything, double-checking your necessary documents, looking up basic greetings if the event is held overseas. As such, these

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Am I a Boss or a Leader?

If a day comes when your superior asks you this question out of the blue, do not answer immediately. It’s a trick question. If you answer that he or she is a boss, there is a negative image to the label, but if you answer the latter, you might seem

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3 Simple Ways to Make People Trust You

When it comes to businesses, your relationships matter most to you – pretty much the same when it comes to life, don’t you agree? The foundation of good relationships is centered on the base of trust. Building trust takes time but losing it takes a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds.

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Why Sleep Matters for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, the phrase “burning the midnight oil” may be familiar to you or you may even brag about catching just a few hours of sleep due to how impressive your work is and time-consuming it may be. That isn’t at all good, of course. Deep down, I’m sure

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Life’s Been Throwing Lemons At You. So, What Should You Do?

Reflecting upon the days in 2019, some may conclude that it wasn’t the best year. In the world of business, thriving entrepreneurs may point to the days when challenges got in their way towards success. Whether the setback was major or minor, there is usually an opportunity to learn from

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