Tuesday, May 28

Dive into Prince’s Iconic Style: Clothing, Jewelry, and Memorabilia Up for Auction

Step into the world of Prince as a collection of his distinctive clothing, jewelry, and memorabilia hits the auction block, offering fans a chance to own a piece of the legendary artist’s legacy. With starting bids as low as $100, this auction presents an opportunity for enthusiasts to acquire items ranging from sunglasses and lapel brooches to more exclusive pieces.

The diverse array of Prince’s possessions includes his classic white ruffled shirt worn during the 12th annual American Music Awards in 1985, black and purple gloves from the “Purple Rain” era, and the iconic high-heeled blue boots from his Act I tour, valued at a whopping $20,000. RR Auction’s website is the stage for this bidding spectacle, where interested buyers can participate in the pursuit of these unique artifacts.

A total of 203 items are currently open for bidding, spanning from the mid-1980s to the late ’90s, encompassing the “Purple Rain,” “Lovesexy,” “Parade,” and “Sign o’ the Times” eras. According to Bobby Livingston, the executive vice president at RR Auction, the collector behind this impressive array has spent the last decade assembling pieces from various designers and auction houses, creating a comprehensive fashion collection that traces Prince’s entire career.

Livingston explained, “The collector who owns it has spent the last decade or so collecting these things from various designers and auction houses. So it’s a pretty comprehensive fashion collection that follows the whole career of Prince.”

Motivated by a desire to share this private trove with fellow Prince enthusiasts, the unnamed collector initiated the auction. The bids range from $100 to $9,000, with Prince’s iconic blue boots already reaching around $9,000 at the time of publication.

Describing the significance of certain items, Livingston pointed out the wear and tear on Prince’s blue boots, noting, “You can see the metal bracket braces that are holding up the heels if you look underneath it. It just shows an intense amount of wear—how he was jumping on stage and dancing. You can really get a sense of the performer.”

In addition to more conventional items, the auction features quirky and unique pieces such as dyed fabric samples for Prince’s tours, handwritten notes detailing wardrobe changes for the 1990 Nude Tour, and Polaroid photos showcasing his wardrobe collection.

Livingston highlighted the evolution of Prince’s style, stating, “Each new project came out and not only did he change his music but he changed his fashion and design sense. That’s what makes this collection so remarkable. You can tell the whole story from ‘Purple Rain’ on.”

Bidding for these remarkable pieces will close at 6 p.m. on November 16. Those interested in participating can visit rrauction.com.

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