Saturday, June 15

Do’zee Prestigious Night – 2022

Founder & CEO: Do’zee, Dato’ Mohd Syukri Bin Ibhrim of SR Resources SB and his group of companies designed a prestigious awards night and gala dinner to honour his team’s success and the entrepreneurial success that his team’s work has brought to the community in which they operate. 

SHAH ALAM, OCTOBER 21, 2022. At the “Do’zee Pretigious Award Night & Gala Night,” 58 Malaysian entrepreneurs were honoured. The awards gala dinner took place at the DoubleTree by Hilton. IKON Malaysia hosted the annual awards presentation. The prize presentation recognises exceptional success among business players who have remained Despite the difficulties, I was successful on the Do’zee platform and helped nation-building.

Last night, Do’zee Prestigious Award Night & Gala Night awarded awards to archivers who have achieved success. Their goal in Do’zee business is not just in technology and operations, but also in generating a results-oriented culture is required to manage, accelerate, and sustain digital innovation. Moreover, the show’s winners showcase how they deliver and sell Do’zee.

The guest on honour for the evening was DATO ROHAIZI BIN BAHARI, PENGARAH KANAN KPDNHEP with five VIP’s bringing leverage and recognition to the event even further. Namely, the VIP’s were

1.Tuan Guru Sheikh Mohd Zainul Asri – Chairman Do’zee

2. Ustaz Mohd Elyas Ismail – Deputy Chairman Dozee

3. Dato’ Mohd Ali Majis- Chairman IKON Malaysia

4. Dato Sri Mahadi BZ- Ambassador Do’zee

5. Datin Sri Heliza Helmi- Ambassador Do’zee

The success of Do’zee is popular for their household products that are trusted and preferred in the community, as well as the group of companies that include food and beverage businesses such as Akar Cafe, Akar Restaurant, and Akar Canteen

Total over 300 guests attended to celebrate the gala dinner nights..together with guest VIP and vendors. The gala night included a surprise gift of gold and cash, with a mystery gift of household items. The event also included the bonus gift of a motorbike, an iPhone 14, and an all paid holiday to Langkawi. 

The evening was graced with a performance from Mestica and Shahir Zawawi. The very talented emcee brought us through the event tentative with utter awe, thanking AG Azmeer and Iesya Toh for their professionalism and skill set to bring the crowd together. 

Interviews were carried out through the night, conducted by our interview emcee Naim Hashim, ending the night to be memorable and indeed a success to celebrate for Empower Event Management SB.

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