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Kelantan Business Ikon Awards, 2021 El Azman was recognized for his success and perseverance as a businessman. Taking home the award title TOP IKON OF THE YEAR. 

El Azman was recognized for his success and perseverance as a businessman in the Kelantan Business IKON Awards 2021. He took home the award title TOP IKON OF THE YEAR.

The Kelantan Business IKON Awards is an inaugural prestigious event that recognizes the prominent community of achievers and their prized industries by acknowledging their successes. The event is organized by IKON MALAYSIA. KEBA 2021, this ceremony and specialty event is tailored to feature the icons and idols of the Malaysian business society.

As the event took place on the evening of 17th December 2021 at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur the hall was filled with the glory and quality of high profile Kelantanese awardees that were prized with an appreciation for their efforts, success, and influence in our community.

El Azman with daughter on red carpet at KEBA 2021

El Azman, being awarded TOP IKON OF THE YEAR 2021 put the crowd in awe as we take note of his continuous hard work and ongoing achievements in the fashion and retail industry. This Kelantanese businessman brings us remarkably much pride, better known for his exquisite brand – The Elrah Exclusive clothing line that is well known for the stylish and fashion-forward Baju Melayu and Kurta’s for gentlemen.

El Azman attended the event with his daughter, a toddler who stole the heart of all our honorable attendees with the ivory princess frill dress that she wore, holding the hand of her father. The two made the red-carpet spark with the humble duo taking the walkway right up to the stage.

He is an icon for his vision, innovation, and continuous hard work that he has put into establishing the brand, into being a king to his daughters’ eyes, and driving achievement and commitment in his community. 

El Azman and daughter on stage at Keba 2021

Additional thanks to event sponsor DTC Motors Sdn. Bhd. for the grand prizes, as our KEBA 2021 grand prize winner El Azman took home a Ferrari 488 Pista during this commemorable night.

He is this year’s KEBA 2021 – Kelantan Business IKON Awards, 2021 – TOP IKON OF THE YEAR. We are truly proud to present El Azman and toast to his successes and more to come from this fashion icon.

Grand Prize Winner El Azman takes home brand new ferrari