Saturday, February 24

Germany Embraces Affordable 3D-Printed Apartment Complex

In a pioneering move for affordable housing, a German city is set to introduce a cutting-edge apartment complex constructed with 3D-printed walls, offering modern living at an unprecedented price point.

Peri 3D Construction, renowned for its innovative construction-tech endeavors, is taking its expertise to Lünen, Germany, using its BOD2 3D printer to craft a six-unit apartment building. This revolutionary approach aims to cap rents at a remarkable $528 for units ranging between 657 to 872 square feet.

The project, commenced in September, harnesses the printer’s capabilities, forecasting completion within 100 hours. While traditional methods will build the foundation, a “hybrid timber construction method” will grace the top floor, blending innovation with conventional practices.

The initiative, slated for occupancy by October 2024, is bolstered by state-driven construction innovations and substantial public funding totaling 1.7 million euros ($1.85 million). Real estate company WBG Lünen contributes an additional 200,000 euros ($217,580) to propel this futuristic housing endeavor.

Advocates of 3D-printed construction view it as a solution to the global housing crisis, foreseeing homes that are not only more affordable but also resilient to natural disasters. However, the technology, though promising, currently stands on par or slightly pricier than conventional construction methods, according to COBOD cofounder Philip Lund-Nielsen.

As this pioneering step unfolds, it holds the promise of reshaping affordable housing with cutting-edge technology, setting a new precedent for accessible and innovative living spaces.

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