Tuesday, May 28

Germany’s Tiny Gem with a Thatched Roof Lighthouse and a Population of 16!

So, there’s this tiny spot in Germany called Oland – like, super small. It’s one of those halligs, you know, those landmasses that are kinda connected by narrow-gauge railways to the mainland and this other hallig called Langeneß. Population? Well, unofficially, they’re rocking a whopping 16 people as of 2019.

Now, here’s the kicker – Oland is home to Germany’s tiniest lighthouse. And get this, it’s the only one sporting a cool thatched roof. I mean, how quaint is that? It’s like the little lighthouse that could, holding it down in the middle of nowhere with its unique vibe. Oland, you’re a gem in the German landscape, even if you’re just a blip on the population radar.

Watch more about the island here.

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