Tuesday, May 28

Google Reveals Top 3 Most-Googled Jobs with Six-Figure Salaries, And It Requires No Degree

Americans are shifting their job aspirations away from degree-centric roles, opting for well-paying, college-free careers.

Searches for “no degree jobs” hit a record high on Google in the U.S. this year. While about 75% of U.S. jobs paying over $35,000 annually traditionally require a college degree, only 38% of Americans hold a bachelor’s degree.

Google’s research highlights a growing interest in jobs offering travel opportunities, flexible schedules, and paths to entrepreneurship.

The three most Googled jobs in 2023 are Real Estate Agent, Notary, and Travel Agent, all of which generally require a high school diploma and specific certifications but no formal degree.

Job seekers are increasingly drawn to high-paying roles without the need for a degree, noting the importance of compensation in career decisions.

The average salaries for these roles range from $39,955 for travel agents to $86,356 for real estate agents and $129,717 for notaries.

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