Saturday, July 13

Govt Assures Data Protection, Cyber Security Always Under Control

Minister of Communication and Digital Fahmi Fadzil today assured that personal data protection and cyber security will always be under control in the implementation of the National Digital Identity or Digital ID programme.

He said the public need not worry about the implementation of Digital ID as it does not require recording of biometric identifiers, such as fingerprints, as well as facial recognition, and iris scans of users.

Fahmi said the registration for Digital ID is also easy, requiring only the user’s MyKad and fingerprint scanning for verification, similar to the procedures for banking transactions in banks.

Users only need to download the ‘MyDigital ID’ app, scan the QR code and their MyDigital ID will be created on their mobile phones.

“So, there is no need to record (fingerprints) or implant a chip (in body), or take facial scans. No need to get all imaginative,” he told reporters after registering for his Digital ID before attending the Cabinet meeting here yesterday.

Fahmi said Digital ID provides access to public services, including assistance programmes, and all government applications in the future will use a single log-in through MyDigital ID.

“This means that with MyDigital ID, when we open MyJPJ (Road Transport Department) app, or MyJalan, or even the (MyTax) app by IRB (Inland Revenue Board), we don’t need to remember passwords, everything will need a single log-in.

“That’s actually the biggest benefit when we use MyDigital ID; it’s faster, both on the government side and for any party wanting to use MyDigital ID. There are savings because there will be no need to build what is referred to as the e-KYC (electronic know your customer) database component. Everything will refer to the National Registration Department,” he added.

On the target users of Digital ID, Fahmi said the programme targets 1.6 million users for a start, mostly civil servants, as suggested by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

On Nov 21, Anwar announced that the government had appointed the national research and development centre, MIMOS Berhad, as the implementing agency for the Digital ID programme with an initial allocation of RM80 million.

Digital ID is a form of digital self-identification and authentication for individuals, intended for use by both the public and private sectors to verify user identities during online transactions.

Without replacing the MyKad system, Digital ID serves as a trusted and secure platform, streamlining online identity verification to prevent identity fraud in online transactions.

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