Saturday, June 15

Grab Malaysia Pilots Fare Bidding Feature for Transparent Ride Pricing

Grab Malaysia has introduced a new fare bidding feature, currently undergoing testing in selected towns across Malaysia. This feature allows passengers to propose their desired ride price, giving drivers the option to accept the offer or make a counter-offer.

Confirming the trial, Grab stated, “We’re currently conducting a small-scale experiment to test the feature in selected towns in Malaysia,” in response to queries from LifestyleTech.

Reports surfaced on social media, indicating that users received notifications about the feature within GrabAcademy, an in-app learning section for Grab’s driver-partners. Screenshots shared by users also shed light on the details of this new feature.

Described as “optional” for both passengers and drivers, the existing fixed fare options like JustGrab and GrabCar will remain available. However, drivers need to activate the feature if they wish to participate in fare-bidding rides.

The bidding process begins with the passenger suggesting a fare for their intended ride. Subsequently, drivers have 15 seconds to either accept the proposed fare or counter with a different amount. The app displays the counter-offer for the passenger to consider.

Passengers then have the choice to select their preferred driver based on the offers they receive. Drivers are promptly notified within 15 to 20 seconds if they’ve been chosen by the passenger for the ride.

Grab stated that this fare bidding feature aims to establish a “more transparent and flexible pricing system” by enabling mutual agreement between passengers and drivers on the fare.

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