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IKON Brand Awards 2022

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 OCTOBER 2022. A total of 32 Malaysian Entrepreneurs have been honoured at the “Ikon Brands Awards.” The awards gala dinner ceremony was held at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur.

The event was tailored to celebrate and congratulate the achievements of key industry players who have had substantial growth in the year. During a period of time when the pandemic restriction begun being lifted, these business made an impact with their iconic dedication, strive and vision in their respective fields.

The annual awards ceremony was organised by IKON Malaysia and supported by the Malaysia Organisation of Company Directors (MOCAD). 

The awards were broken down in a number of categories, namely:

  1. Consumer Choice Brand
  2. Most Top Brand in Event Management
  3. Most Top Brand in Food and Beverage
  4. Asia Extraordinary Achievement Brand of The Year
  5. Ikon Top Brand in Beauty and Care Industry
  6. Most Trusted Brand in Education and Consultation Industry
  7. Most Trust Brand in Beauty and Health Industry
  8. Ikon Top Brand in Detergent Manufacturing Industry
  9. Excellence Brand in Tourism Industry
  10. Special Superwoman Brand Award
  11. Most Influential Brand in Information Technology Industry
  12. Excellence Brand in Islamic Education Industry
  13. Excellence Brand in Childhood Education
  14. Most Influential Brand in Beauty and Care Industry 
  15. Most Trusted Brand in Marketing and Management Industry
  16. Ikon Top Brand in Beauty and Health Industry
  17. Ikon Top Brand in Fashion Industry
  18. Most Influential Brand in Beauty and Health Industry 
  19. Most Trusted Brand in Training and Coaching Industry
  20. Brand Prestigious Woman CEO in Entertainment Industry
  21. Brand Prestigious Woman CEO in Humanitarian and Versatile Style
  22. Most Trust Brand in Healthcare Industry
  23. Brand Lifetime Achievement of The Year in the Entertainment Industry
  24. Most Influential Brand in Interior Design Industry
  25. Most Influential Brand in Media Industry
  26. Brand of The Year
  27. Excellence Brand CEO In Shariah Consulting Industry
  28. Most Influential Brand in Automotive Industry
  29. Most Influential Brand in Dietary Supplement

We mark the lifetime achievement of Dato DJ Dave, who received the lifetime achievement award for all his continuous work in the entertainment industry, he has mastered the essence of pop music here in Malaysia and is enjoyed by generations. 

Dato’ Saripah “Ifa” Raziah binti Mustapha better known as Ifa Raziah received the Top Most Brand Award of The Year for her event management company star vendors who this year received a Malaysian Guinness world record of hosting the longest raya event. Star vendors are also known for their roadshows across Malaysia showcasing and celebrating the talents in the community and the culture of Malaysia.

A performance by Shiha Zikir warmed our hearts on this glamorous night as she shared her talent with her performance for the evening. She received the Brand Prestigious Woman CEO in Entertainment award as she has become a versatile entrepreneur with her many businesses in diverse industries. She has made a mark across the board and certainly proven her eye for business and her ability to apply her knowledge and skillset in creating notable enterprises. 

The evening marked importance as we gave applause and gratitude to businesses that are nation-building despite the challenges nowadays.

The winners truly demonstrated that Business branding is driven by people and culture, which is supported by leadership to guide and support ideas in technology, innovation and driving change. 

During the pandemic these Brands and awardees commemorated last night were able to diversify their strategies to be in sync with the consumer demands and drastic shifts in the trends domestically and internationally.

Some of the businesses operate physical businesses and some digital, but it all came down to the vision and continuous understanding of each leader and team as they paved their way to success and sustainability this year.

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