Tuesday, May 28

Japanese scallops to reach Thailand and Malaysia after China reject

In an effort to expand its customer base in light of China’s continued ban on Japanese seafood due to the Fukushima water leak, the owner of the Don Quijote discount chain will begin selling scallops from Japan at 38 stores around Asia in November.

Thailand and Malaysia are two of the six Asian countries where Pan Pacific International Holdings runs Don Don Donki outlets.

Sashimi produced from Hokkaido scallops and other products will be sold in the 38 outlets. Scallop sushi will be available at Sen Sen Sushi eateries located inside the shops.

In response to the Chinese ban, which was announced on August 24, retailers and restaurants in Japan have been encouraging domestic seafood consumption. PPIH will take things a step further by exporting the seafood.

The Pan Pacific International Club, an association of farmers and producers of seafood, was founded by PPIH in 2020 to support exports. Japanese scallops may be delivered fresh so they can be eaten raw thanks to this network, which makes it possible to ship them to adjacent ports and airports for export to Asian markets.

Recently, PPIH held a three-day scallop “fair” in a Malaysian store, featuring scallops gathered off the Miyagi prefecture of Japan’s coast.

“We seek to expand seafood exports by holding fairs everywhere and raising awareness about our products,” said Ichiro Miyashita, the Japanese minister of agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

China imposed the restriction after Japan released treated radioactive effluent into the ocean from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station, which had been destroyed in the accident. According to Japan’s trade data, unprocessed seafood exports from Japan to China fell 75.7 percent year over year in value terms in August.

A second wastewater discharge, which is expected to last about 17 days, will began on Thursday.

Aeon, a grocery chain, and Seven-Eleven Japan, a chain of convenience stores, are increasing their purchases of Hokkaido scallops to promote them in their domestic stores due to the potential negative economic effects of China’s embargo.

Japanese fish will now be featured in a sales promotion by restaurant operator Watami at izakaya bars. Hokkaido-scallop nigiri have been made available by conveyor belt sushi company Kura Sushi in a small quantity. And store Seiyu is stockpiling fish for a two-week deal.

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