Tuesday, May 28

Jennaira Holdings – The Vision of Dato Sri Azlina

Dato Seri Azlina Hanim the founder of Jennaira Holding, which has various business chains as well as other items such as drinks, food, yoghurt ice cream, health products, and several more enterprises.

The brand features a hijab fashion line that was debuted earlier this year at an open house event in June. Many celebrities and prestigious people are expected to attend the event.

We got a chance to celebrate the success of the fashion line during our IKON Brand Awards 2022, where Jennaira Holdings won the title of IKON Top Fashion Industry. The award acknowledges the innovative factors of the brand and the way the company has set its vision in a sustainable manner meeting consumer needs and community awareness initiatives.

Aweera and Farawahida, two vocalists, enthralled the crowd at this event. In addition to performing a number of songs, these two vocalists were very pleasant with the audience.

Aweera, the singer, also spoke with journalists during the event. According to Aweera, he is highly particular when it comes to selecting music and lyrics to ensure that the released version remains relevant in the long run. 

Arviena has been picked as the product’s ambassador, according to Dato Seri Azlina Hanim, since it appears to fit the image of today’s women that she wishes to promote.

Dato Seri Azlina Hanim is very positive, confident, and excited about advancing Jennaira’s hijab product till it achieves success, and her vision has truly come true throughout the months.

Dato Seri Azlina Hanim is well-known for her passion for community and social work; her work assists several organisations and orphans through their enterprises. It is apparent that their ambition for success is to support significant initiatives that assist society while also advocating the proper message to the public.

It all comes down to making a difference.

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