Saturday, June 15

Jo Bamford of JCB on Venturing into Hydrogen Energy Sector

Coming from a very wealthy family and an heir of an extraordinaire excavating company, Joseph Cyril Bamford or Jo Bamford have stepped down from continuing his family legacy and venturing into hydrogen energy sector.

Jo Bamford founded Ryze, a hydrogen fuel company and he also have bought Wrightbus, a bus company in which he bought to save it from bankruptcy. Around 20 zero-emission buses from the company have been used around the country.

He ventured into the hydrogen gas business in helping the United Kingdom’s government to achieve net zero and to curb the climate change. He thought it is a good move and a few countries have keep their eye on becoming the world leader in this business including Germany and France. He said that the UK need to step on the gas if the country wants to become the global leader in hydrogen energy.

United Kingdom’s prime minister, Boris Johnson had stated that the government would invest in hydrogen energy. They would buy 4000 of zero emission buses in helping to combat climate change and to pursue the country’s goal to reduce carbon emission to 78% by 2035 and achieve net zero by 2050.

Recently, he have launched a hydrogen investment fund called HYCAP. It is targeted to achieve £1bn as that amount is needed to compete with other territories in this hydrogen business. He said that there’s no time to waste with sustainable driven financial investors waiting and COP26 to be held soon in Glasgow in November 2021.

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