Saturday, April 13

JPJ Introduces Electronic Driving Test System in Pilot Phase with Five Institutes

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has announced that the electronic driving test system is currently undergoing a pilot phase in collaboration with five driving institutes.

The JPJ stated that the implementation is proceeding according to the established plan, and the full rollout will be contingent on policies and directives from the Transport Ministry.

However, there are no intentions to make the system compulsory for all driving institutes.

According to Mat Aris Bakar, the president of the Malaysian Driving Institute Association, the electronic system will conduct performance assessments of driving test candidates on the test circuit.

This will encompass various maneuvers such as slope tests, three-point turns, reverse parking, parallel parking, as well as courses like the Z-course and S-course.

The process will be electronically assisted through the use of cameras and sensors.

Mat Aris anticipates that the system will be implemented gradually across several driving institutes by the end of the year.

He further emphasised that the electronic driving test system will effectively eliminate allegations of unethical conduct.

It is viewed as a more equitable system that will ensure candidates demonstrate genuine competency, rather than passing the test due to assistance or corruption.

Additionally, the system is expected to expedite the testing process, allowing for quicker result retrieval.

Mat Aris emphasised that this high-capacity system is likely to enhance the reputation of both driving institutes and the JPJ.

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