Saturday, June 15

MACC Refutes Threat of Legal Action by Aman Palestin Over Frozen Accounts

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has dismissed the ultimatum set by Aman Palestin, an NGO, to unfreeze its bank accounts within three days or face legal action.

MACC’s chief commissioner, Tan Sri Azam Baki, stated that the agency stands firm on maintaining the freeze on Aman Palestin’s accounts. He emphasised MACC’s readiness to address any legal challenge brought forth by the NGO.

Addressing the media, Azam affirmed that MACC conducts its duties professionally, devoid of any malicious intent towards any party involved. He further noted that MACC has not received any formal correspondence from Aman Palestin regarding the matter.

Earlier, Aman Palestin’s lawyer, Rafique Rashid Ali, had issued the ultimatum, threatening legal action if the freeze on the accounts was not lifted within three days. MACC had frozen 41 accounts linked to Aman Palestin and related entities, involving a total of RM15.8 million, as part of an investigation into an alleged misappropriation of RM70 million by the NGO.

Rafique criticised MACC’s actions, accusing them of damaging the NGO’s reputation and obstructing local humanitarian aid efforts directed towards the Palestinian community.

Azam countered these allegations, asserting that there was no deliberate effort to tarnish any entity’s character.

The standoff between Aman Palestin and MACC continues, with the threat of legal action looming large.

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