Saturday, July 13

Malaysia Moves Into 5G Domain

Malaysian Telcos have spent the last week running test on their 5G networks in anticipation of the 5G Showcase that is taking place this weekend in Putrajaya.

The showcase will feature the telco companies preparing their 5G technology as the industry ramps up towards the unveiling of 5G’s benefits and impact at the showcase, which aims to underline the technology’s capabilities.

The tests not only measure the speed but also measures the latency and reliability as well as the consistency of the telco lines when they are working together in order to avoid signal interference. The test also checks for realistic 5G speeds on different spectrums without allowing them to clash with each other.

Among the telco company who will be present at the showcase is TM who apparently already has its 5G network up and running over there. TM is suspected to be able to a throughput of 5Gbps. Although TM has never revealed it explicitly, it has been speculated earlier on that the company will be implementing a live 5G network at the showcase.

Celcom and Huawei will also collaborate to explore end-to-end transformation of the current network, evolving towards 5G.

According to the Idham Nawawi, chief executive officer of Celcom Axiata, Celcom is excited to collaborate with Huawei in the delivery of next-generation technology that will only serve as an improvement to the livelihood of Malaysians and to the nation

“As 5G is already knocking on our nation’s doorstep, Celcom will continue to stand alongside the nation in transforming its aspirations into reality. Through this collaboration, and with a focus on delivering some of the best innovations that will inspire the nation, we will be working towards making our building 5G ready”

The Communications and Multimedia Ministry is hosting the 5G Malaysia Showcase, themed 5G Malaysia: Progressing Humanity, which will be open to the public on April 20 and 21 at the Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya.

The showcase will feature most local telcos including Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM), equipment vendors Huawei and Nokia, plus an academic team from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

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