Friday, July 12

Malaysian Actress Michelle Yeoh Celebrates Wedding Banquet in Ipoh

Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh in Ipoh.

Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh, the renowned Malaysian actress, honoured her commitment to her mother, Datin Janet Yeoh, by commemorating her marriage to Jean Todt alongside loved ones in their home country.

Previously voicing her lack of awareness about her daughter’s wedding in Geneva, Switzerland, Janet, aged 84, expressed the desire for a separate celebration to mark the occasion.

In keeping with her promise, Yeoh, an Oscar winner, hosted a modest and intimate wedding banquet on Sunday at a restaurant in her hometown of Ipoh.

The private event saw the attendance of approximately 100 individuals, predominantly close relatives and friends, according to a report by Sin Chew Daily.

Yeoh, 61, graced the occasion in a sleeveless aquamarine top paired with lime green pants, while Todt, 77, chose a casual all-black ensemble.

At the restaurant’s entrance, a modified poster featuring Yeoh and Todt from the movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” was displayed, adding a touch of personalised celebration.

Another poster showcased the couple’s wedding invitation initially dispatched to guests in Geneva. The invitation bore a handwritten note highlighting December 17 as the 7,135th day since the couple’s first encounter in Shanghai, China, on June 4, 2004.

Todt proposed to Yeoh just a month and a half after their initial meeting, on July 26, 2004, followed by their wedding on July 27 of the same year.

In March, Yeoh made history by becoming the first Malaysian to win an Oscar, securing the esteemed Best Actress award and marking a groundbreaking achievement as the first Asian woman to claim this honour.

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