Saturday, April 13

Malaysian needs to spend 13.33% of their yearly salary to purchase the iPhone 15

Malaysia has been ranked as the 33rd least affordable country in the world to purchase an iPhone 15.

According to, a Malaysian citizen needs to spend 13.33 percent of their yearly salary to purchase the base model iPhone 15 128GB.

This translate to an estimated 277.16 hours of work, or an equavalent of 34.65 days of work.

When it comes to pricing, Malaysia stands at the 9th least expensive country in the world for an iPhone 15, with the base model totalling to $939.96 USD after taxes, or approximately RM4412.64.

The most expensive model, however, the iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB, cost $1,881.10 (RM8830.82) – 26.67 percent of a yearly salary.

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