Friday, July 12

Malaysians Playfully Label KL Eco City as Malaysia’s “Bermuda Triangle”

Credit: @aurizn (Instagram)

In a humorous turn of events, KL Eco City has earned the playful nickname “Malaysia’s Bermuda Triangle” due to the reported confusion created by navigation applications like Google Maps and Waze.

On October 24, an Instagram user shared a video of themselves driving around KL Eco City, humorously likening the experience to entering the enigmatic Bermuda Triangle. The video has since gained nearly 24,000 likes in just a few days.

Many Instagram users commented on the post, highlighting the often confusing directions provided by navigation apps in the area.

Some even mentioned that these directions sometimes led them to places different from their intended destinations, adding to the mystique surrounding KL Eco City.

Additionally, some users reported difficulties in maintaining GPS signals in the area, making navigation even more challenging.

As a result of these humorous and frustrating experiences, many Malaysians have affectionately coined the term “Bermuda Triangle” for KL Eco City, turning a navigational quirk into a lighthearted urban legend.

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