Saturday, July 13

MB&F Unveils HM11 “Architect” Watch: A Modernist Masterpiece

Swiss luxury watchmaker MB&F SA introduces the Horological Machine No 11, a groundbreaking timepiece inspired by radical modernist architecture akin to the visionary designs of Richard Neutra and Antti Lovag.

Dubbed the “Architect,” the HM11 boasts a 42mm diameter and is crafted from grade five titanium. Limited to 25 pieces per edition, it offers two variations: a striking blue dial and a red gold edition, each retailing for US$230,000 (RM1.07 million).

This unique timepiece showcases four conical “rooms” stemming from a central flying tourbillon to the outer rim. Each room serves a distinct function: displaying minutes and seconds through rod-mounted orbs and red-tipped arrows, showcasing the power reserve, featuring an uncommon thermometer, and housing the watch’s adjustable crown.

Contrary to conventional winding mechanisms, the watch’s power is generated by twisting the entire base, an innovative approach by MB&F.

Since its establishment in 2005 by creator Maximillian Büsser, MB&F (Max Büsser and Friends) has been renowned for its unconventional yet coveted timepieces, coveted by collectors willing to invest upwards of US$100,000. The HM11 joins a lineage of Horological Machines known for their radical shapes and inventive time-telling methods.

Büsser recalls the genesis of the Architect: “Around 2017, while exploring post-utilitarian architectural trends, a photograph of a Boulder, Colorado house triggered the idea of a watch resembling a central foyer and four distinct rooms, each serving a unique purpose.”

To translate this concept into a meticulous timepiece, Büsser leveraged MB&F’s technical prowess. “The movement integrates a vertical-powered flying tourbillon, a signature of MB&F, transmitting data through conical gears to the rooms,” he explains. “Moreover, the winding system, activated through a 90-degree twist, fuels the watch for 21⁄2 hours, while the case’s 19 gaskets ensure water resistance.”

Discover the fusion of architectural inspiration and watchmaking innovation with MB&F’s HM11 “Architect” – a testament to craftsmanship and creativity.

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