Sunday, May 26

Motorola Unveils Innovative Bendable Smartphone with Wrist-Wrapping Display

Credit: Motorola

At the Lenovo Tech World 2023 event, Motorola introduced a groundbreaking phone prototype that has caught the attention of tech enthusiasts. This innovative smartphone features a flexible display that can be wrapped around your wrist, essentially functioning like a watch.

The prototype showcased by Motorola is the latest iteration of this concept, with several versions unveiled in the past. Back in 2016, during the Lenovo Tech World Summit, an earlier iteration of this bendable phone was revealed, though it was primarily seen as a novel and fun concept at the time.

Fast forward to the 2023 Tech World event, and Motorola has taken the opportunity to reintroduce this unique and intriguing idea, providing a glimpse of its potential features.

The phone boasts an FHD+ pOLED plastic display, measuring 6.9 inches when laid flat and not being worn on the wrist. However, it’s designed to be adjustable, allowing it to stand independently, reducing the phone’s size to a more manageable 4.6 inches.

This new prototype from Motorola is all about providing ultimate convenience for users on the go. Its flexible design allows it to comfortably wrap around your wrist, making it easy to interact with the external display. The promotional images reveal a fabric material on the watch’s back to enhance comfort.

According to Motorola, “This adaptive display concept further extends the display and mechanical advancements found in our foldable and rollable devices across both smartphone and PC categories.”

The bendable phone also leverages generative AI models to offer users a new level of customization. For instance, it can adjust its background to match your outfit by analysing a photo of what you’re wearing.

It’s important to note that this wrist-wrapping phone is still in the prototype stage, and Motorola has not yet announced any plans for a public release.

This innovative concept opens up new possibilities for the future of smartphone design, leaving tech enthusiasts eagerly anticipating what’s next from Motorola.

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