Saturday, June 15

Must-Have Items for Business Travelers

When we talk about business travels, we think of business trips, conferences or talks we must attend beyond our office desks. Most veteran business travelers would advise you to bring two of everything, double-checking your necessary documents, looking up basic greetings if the event is held overseas. As such, these are some must-have items for business trips.

Blazers or jackets

Nothing screams professional more than a blazer over your formal attire. Preferably back, dark blue or dark grey, it is always handy to pack in about two or three blazers when going for, let’s say, a conference week on any business event. You can look smart, sharp and ready to take on the work during the business trip.

Travel documents

Hotel bookings, airline reservations, care rentals – if all these need to be printed, then be sure to print them out and pack them along in a folder. If these documents are accessible via your smartphone or tablet, then remember to bookmark the sites or flag the emails so you can easily access them later.

Business cards

When going on business trips, there is no telling who you are going to meet – especially when attending international-level conferences where there will be a lot of representatives from different organisations. Always bring along an extra supply of business cards so you can hand them over as you network.

Power bank

While this can be a must-have item for general travel, preparing a charged power bank for business travel is important. Imagine having a phone with critical battery but you are only halfway through a workshop for your department. How are you going to know which emails have gotten through? How would you be updated on updates from work that are important? Hence, always bring a charged power bank with you on your business trips.

Travel-sized toiletries

Having a separate bag of travel-sized toiletries on the go is convenient. When you need to travel for work, you can just grab the pack of toiletries and add it to your luggage. Plus, having toiletries that are travel-size will ensure you have everything you need and occupy very little space.

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