Tuesday, May 28

Next month onwards, some Gardenia goods will be more expensive

Beginning on October 1, Gardenia, a significant bread producer, will increase the price of a few items, including its Twiggies.

However, it stated that the costs of its Original Classic white bread, wholemeal bread, and Toast’em bread line will not change.

“This is to ensure the price increase (on selected products) would not burden our customers,” Gardenia told FMT.

A new price list for 30 of the company’s products has been circulating on social media, and it has also been validated by the corporation.

Gardenia raised the pricing of its loaves, spreads, and other goods in September of last year, claiming the effect of inflation on raw materials.

The planned price rise, which will be applied nationwide, will be the third since December 1, 2021.

Gardenia Fluffy Buns 280gm will cost RM4.20 (up 67 sen) as of October 1; Gardenia Puazz! Gardenia Double Choc Muffins 70gm will cost RM2.30 (up 42 sen), Gardenia Quickbites 50gm will cost RM1.20 (up 20 sen), and 90gm will cost RM2.60 (up 52 sen).

Gardenia Squiggles 50gm will cost RM1.60 (up 32 sen), Gardenia Sandwich Bread Rolls 240gm will cost RM3 (up 51 sen), Gardenia Toast’em Waffles 42gm will increase to RM1.60 (up 29 sen), and Gardenia Auntie Rosie’s Kaya 200gm will cost RM3.80 (up 62 sen).

Gardenia NuMee Keluarga 900gm will cost RM3.20 (up 64 sen), while Gardenia NuMee 450gm will cost RM2 (up 37 sen) as a result.

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