Saturday, June 15

nicol david honoured as greatest athlete of all time


Eight-time world champion Nicol David has been crowned the World Games’ Greatest Athlete of All Time.

In an online poll voting, the 37-year-old was by far the popular choice as she tallied a whopping 318,943 votes to take home the award.

In a distant second was Ireland’s tug-of-war athlete, James Kehoe, who had 113,120 votes; while Ukraine’s powerlifter Larysa Solovlova came third with 80,790 votes, according to report.

The award is a great recognition to the Penangite who has won everything that has to be won before retiring in 2019.

“It’s a huge honour to be nominated by the World Games for this award and to gain so much support from everyone in Malaysia and the squash community,” said Nicol.

“It certainly came as a surprise to see me amongst these top athletes, and I’m grateful for this.

“Hopefully, this award can elevate more attention for the future of squash, and it’s also a proud moment for Malaysia and Asia,” she said.

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