Saturday, July 13

Nissan Unveils the Electrifying Hyper Force: A Glimpse into the High-Powered Future of Performance Cars

The 2023 Tokyo Auto Show witnessed an electrifying moment at the Nissan booth, where the final of five concept cars was unveiled. The mysterious vehicle concealed under the drapery was clearly a low, sporty marvel adorned with a massive rear wing, setting high expectations for exceptional performance. Nissan didn’t disappoint the crowd’s high hopes.

Unlike some conservative concept cars, the Nissan Hyper Force exudes high energy and an aggressive demeanor, mirroring the intensity implied by its name. Its finish isn’t gloss or matte; it gleams like a precious carving knife with the bare metal sheen, and some of its edges appear as sharp as a blade. The lower front end of the Nissan Hyper Force extends out like a steam locomotive cowcatcher or a pouty lower lip. The headlights are nestled deep within a set-back grille, positioned like the eyes of a hammerhead shark. As the body lines transition to the rear, they combine geometric and organic elements, featuring a distinct triangular flared fender transitioning into a smooth rise above the tire.

The overall profile of the Hyper Force may be somewhat blocky, but Nissan’s design inspiration was derived with input from the NISMO racing team. It’s designed to slice through the air with the efficiency of a knife. The stepped front end and the comb-like rear diffuser contribute to downforce and manage cooling airflow effectively. The prominent wing provides active aerodynamics, while a plasma actuator fine-tunes airflow around the forged carbon wheels, ensuring superior grip during cornering. This electrifying concept is powered by a (theoretical) solid-state battery that produces an impressive 1341 horsepower. The power reaches the ground through an enhanced version of Nissan’s e-4ORCE all-wheel drive system.

Inside the Hyper Force, you’ll find a cockpit crafted with more forged carbon, featuring reclined racing bucket seats with four-point harnesses and a hint of a backseat. The concept’s squared-off design aesthetic extends to the narrow steering wheel and the surrounding screens. These screens shift towards the driver when in R mode, displaying vital systems data like tire pressure and temperatures. Switch to GT mode, and the interior ambiance changes to a soothing blue, focusing on infotainment and cabin comfort. When not in motion, the Hyper Force transforms into a VR gaming room, offering various modes that enable global racing adventures without leaving your garage, ushering in a high-tech era of simulating high-speed fun with friends worldwide.

If the Hyper Force’s quad round taillights and badge formatting trigger memories of the GT-R, you’re not alone. Although Nissan hasn’t confirmed that the next GT-R will be all-motor, they acknowledged that the response to the Hyper Force concept would significantly influence their plans for future performance vehicles.

Watch the video of the Hyper Force here:

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