Sunday, February 25

No Final Decision Made Yet on RM3.5 Billion Multi-Lane-Fast-Flow Project, Confirms Works Minister

The Works Minister, Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi, clarified the current status surrounding the Multi-Lane-Fast-Flow (MLFF) system, dismissing ongoing rumors about the project’s award and implementation.

Addressing the speculation, he emphasised that the government has not reached a definitive verdict on the RM3.46 billion initiative.

He highlighted that while letters of agreement were signed in 2021, granting preliminary approval for the project, this was merely a step enabling involved parties to present their proposals.

“These proposals need to demonstrate a viable proof of concept, which requires substantial refinement before advancing. Making assumptions or premature accusations could jeopardize the entire process if the proposed concept lacks merit,” he iterated on Thursday.

Nanta stressed the importance of allowing the stipulated timeline for proposal submissions, extending until December 2024, before making any conclusive decisions.

His remarks came after inspecting the construction progress of additional motorcycle shelters at the New Pantai Expressway.

The Minister acknowledged media reports suggesting that a private entity, partially owned by YTL Corp Bhd and a state-owned entity, had conducted a briefing in July, presenting their MLFF system proposal alongside the Malaysian Highway Authority and the Ministry of Works. This move had reportedly sparked discontent among highway concessionaires.

Responding to concerns raised by toll concessionaires regarding the proposal, Nanta assured that existing agreements with the government allowing toll collection by the concessionaires remain in force. He assured that the concessionaires would retain the right to collect toll charges in line with these agreements, thereby addressing one of the primary concerns raised.

The ongoing discussion and evaluation surrounding the MLFF system reflect the government’s cautious approach to ensure the viability and effectiveness of the project before any conclusive decisions are made.

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