Wednesday, June 12

No Matter How Tough It Gets, Stay Motivated

It’s only natural to lose your sense of motivation. How often does it occur in the workplace? Once a month? Once a week? Every day? It’s difficult to stay motivated when you’re overwhelmed by stress. You feel lethargic – your mind and body shut themselves down. There’s not an ounce of happiness in whatever you do. Stress causes your motivation to decrease for a reason. No matter what come may, you can always motivate yourself again. Need to save yourself from drowning, here’s how.

Identify the stress you’re experiencing

Stress comes in many forms. It’s important to identify the one you’re currently experiencing. Could it be time stress? Time stress is the stress you experience when you’re running out of time and your anxiety levels shoot up. You worry about not meeting those deadlines. As a time-strapped leader, you’re no stranger to this type of stress. If you’re stressed about not being in control of situations then you’re experiencing situational stress. This usually happens when your status drops or when you suffer reputation damage. Or the enemy to all kinds – burnout. Burnout occurs when you’ve been overwhelmed by stress for a long period of time. You feel tired and drained.

Find a partner

It’s always easier to tackle a problem or stress as a team. Try to find someone who can help you find motivation again. Talk to people in areas you feel low in. Discussing your experiences and thoughts with another can help you regain your self-esteem and motivate you.

Keep track of your progress

Just because you’re moving forward, it does not entirely mean you’re progressing. When you don’t know where you’re going or how far you’ve gone, it’s normal to lose motivation. Remember to always give yourself a pat on the back for every task completed and treat yourself to a celebratory treat for your success. Feel good about your achievements.

Say no

It’s okay to say no. You need not say yes to everything. When you’re asked to do something, take a moment or two to pause before you respond. Take time to consider whether you have the time, resources or skills required for the task. It’s okay if you don’t and it’s okay to say no. It isn’t selfish – it means that you honor your skills ans commitments.

Follow your passion

Take a moment to reflect on how passionate you are about what you do. Check in with yourself whenever you can. Reflect on the people that surround you and the working environment. Do you feel happy? Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel content? If you don’t, then it’s time to embark on a new journey.

Motivation is contagious and you can make it happen but most importantly, look after yourself well aside from anything else.

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