Sunday, May 26

Nvidia and YTL Join Forces to Establish Malaysia’s AI Infrastructure with Cutting-Edge Supercomputers

Tech giant Nvidia has partnered with YTL Power International Berhad (YTL) to introduce high-performance AI infrastructure, aiming to bring top-tier supercomputers to Malaysia by mid-2024.

The collaboration was announced during a significant meeting between Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, and Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, emphasizing Nvidia’s commitment to nurturing Malaysia’s AI ecosystem.

“Jensen’s commitment to bolster this initiative is remarkable. Nvidia will aid in establishing an AI Centre of Excellence for research and learning, alongside building Malaysia’s own AI Cloud system,” shared Prime Minister Anwar following the meeting.

Minister of Investment, Trade, and Industry (Miti) Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz and YTL Power International Berhad’s Managing Director, Datuk Yeoh Seok Hong, were also present during the strategic discussions.

The groundbreaking partnership includes a substantial RM20 billion investment by YTL to initiate the development of the H100-powered supercomputer, forming the foundation for Malaysia’s dedicated AI Cloud system.

“Nvidia’s decision to invest in Malaysia signifies the country’s growing stature as a preferred destination for global tech giants,” highlighted Prime Minister Anwar, sharing an amicable moment where Jensen humorously referred to him as the “Prime Minister of ‘AI.'”

YTL revealed plans to house the AI infrastructure at the YTL Green Data Center Park in Kulai, Johor, powered by an equivalent 500 MW of on-site solar energy, a move highlighting sustainable technology integration.

YTL Communications Sdn Bhd, a YTL subsidiary renowned for its ‘Yes’ brand and pioneering 4G and 5G services in Malaysia, will oversee the management of the AI infrastructure. The initiative aims to propel Malaysia’s development into an AI-focused nation by fostering local talent and driving scientific innovation.

“This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment for Malaysia’s AI landscape. Our own supercomputing infrastructure will expedite our journey towards becoming a leading AI nation, laying the groundwork for an innovative digital economy,” expressed Datuk Yeoh, envisioning Malaysia’s future strides in AI advancement.

The partnership reflects an exciting venture poised to elevate Malaysia’s technological standing, introducing transformative AI capabilities that promise to revolutionise various sectors in the country.

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