How Traveling Empowers You to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs need to explore. If you wanted to be a leader and connect to others, you cannot be stuck in a cubicle mindset and expect to soar like an eagle. You need to look beyond what you already understand to create significant progress. “To travel is to take a journey


Malaysian companies featured in Forbes’ new “Best Over A Billion” list

Six Malaysian businesses have made it into Forbes Asia’s first “Best Over A Billion” chart, featuring the 200 top-performing listed companies in the Asia Pacific with profits of over US$ 1billion. In a report, Forbes Asia stated that the candidates from a universe of 3,200 listed companies in a region


Best 360-Degree Cameras and Video Cameras in 2019

Usually, the cameras that take these pictures use fish-eye lenses that can shoot pictures covering half of the sphere. Therefore, “360 cameras” are two cameras combined in one, shooting two halves which are then stitched in the whole. These cameras are more costly than standard models, but they include unique


5 Top Malaysian Female Entrepreneurs

1. Datin Vivy Sofinas Yusof As the co-founder of the multimillion-dollar online store Fashion Valet and The dUCk Group. Vivy Yusof a mother, model, and a mogul, she is an icon in her own right. The platform currently consists of more than 300 Southeast Asian brands. Vivy also among the


Strategies To Improve Your Business Knowledge

Always thought of being a business expert or running own business? It is essential to first know the basics. Opening a business requires a great deal of courage and commitment and a business owner who knows what it is like to become an entrepreneur. Do not despair if you have


10 Things Budding Female Entrepreneurs Need To Know From Successful Businesswomen

Entrepreneurship is now one of the leading forms of self-employment among today’s youth. There are numerous guides on the A-Zs of starting your own business to maintaining profits to hiring employees, and so on in the form of books, magazine and newspaper articles, blogs, websites, etc. In recent years, there