Bond 101

“Bond” is a word that is mostly confined in to those “in the know” of business, finance, and economy circles. Those who are not fluent in the business language may have heard or seen the word “bond” a couple of times when skimming through the news or within earshot at


“Bullish” to “Neutral”: Malaysian Government Bonds Downgraded

A recent evaluation by DBS Group has downgraded Malaysian government bonds to “neutral” from “bullish”. This evaluation comes after “recent events” in which DBS Group reported that the Malaysian Government Securities (MGS) valuations have risen, in addition to the risks pertaining to performance. The downgrade comes after the proposed cut


Malaysia Moves Into 5G Domain

Malaysian Telcos have spent the last week running test on their 5G networks in anticipation of the 5G Showcase that is taking place this weekend in Putrajaya. The showcase will feature the telco companies preparing their 5G technology as the industry ramps up towards the unveiling of 5G’s benefits and


Terengganu Fishermen Grounded Following Pabuk Tropical Storm

Fishermen in Terengganu are lying low following the arrival of the tropical storm Pabuk, which had lashed the state’s coastline with rain and powerful wind. The fishermen however, said that traditionally, they do not go out to sea during the monsoon season, and the presence of the storm has firmed


First payment of BSH to be made on Jan 28

Some 4.1 million households are scheduled to get their Cost of Living Aid (BSH) 2019 on Jan 28 based on the old database and old methods. Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said the government had to use the old database, which might have names of those who were unqualified to


Give Special Needs Students Equal Opportunities

Schools are encouraged to take their own initiative to help students with special needs. Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching said the move is in line with the ministry’s Zero Reject Policy to ensure that no special needs students are turned away from schools. “We want special needs students to