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Petaling Jaya Dominates as the Most Sought-After Property Hotspot in Malaysia for 2023

In a dynamic shift for Malaysia’s real estate landscape, Petaling Jaya (PJ) has emerged as the most coveted area among property seekers in 2023, securing the top spot for the second time, previously winning in 2021. The annual list, compiled by, reveals interesting trends and newcomers in the top 10 most searched areas.

Urban Resurgence: Return to Established Urban Areas

The year 2023 witnessed a notable surge in property searches in urban areas, signaling a shift in preferences towards established city living. This change is attributed to the return-to-office policy adopted by many employers and an increasing desire for proximity to workplaces, boosting the appeal of well-connected urban spaces with vibrant amenities.

Top 10 Most-Searched Areas in 2023:

  1. Petaling Jaya (PJ): PJ takes the lead for the second time, boasting a network of highways, public transport, and diverse amenities, making it an ideal living destination.
  2. Mont Kiara: Climbing from eighth place in 2022, Mont Kiara is favored among expatriates and affluent locals for its established amenities and prestigious international schools.
  3. Johor Baru (JB): Securing the third spot, JB experiences a rise in property transactions as buyers anticipate the completion of the JB-Singapore rapid transit system.
  4. Cheras: Nestled between old-world charm and modern attractions, Cheras benefits from improved connectivity due to the completion of the Sungai Buloh-Kajang MRT Line and new highways.
  5. Puchong: Retaining its fifth-place position, Puchong stands out as a mature and well-established area with accessibility enhanced by key expressways.
  6. Bukit Jalil: A newcomer to the list, Bukit Jalil gains prominence as an affluent suburb with sports and tech facilities, attracting both residents and tech companies.
  7. Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC): Returning to the list at the same position as in 2021, KLCC remains a central hub with high-end developments and iconic landmarks.
  8. Subang Jaya: Making a comeback, Subang Jaya offers diverse property options and exceptional highway connectivity.
  9. Bangsar: Debuting on the list, Bangsar is strategically located near KLCC, PJ, and other upscale neighborhoods, renowned for its luxurious developments.
  10. Cyberjaya: Returning to the list after its last appearance in 2021, Cyberjaya, known as the Silicon Valley of Malaysia, attracts property seekers with its technological advancements and educational institutions.

The real estate market reflects diverse trends, with varying degrees of growth and search popularity in different regions. Developers and stakeholders are keenly observing these patterns to adapt to the evolving demands of property seekers.

As Malaysia’s property landscape evolves, the top-searched areas for 2023 highlight the dynamic nature of homebuyer preferences and the impact of changing work dynamics on urban living choices. The year ahead promises further developments in the real estate sector as the nation adapts to new trends and economic shifts.

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