Saturday, June 15

PM Anwar Ibrahim Advocates Enhanced Collaboration Among Muslim Nations in Business and Investment

Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia’s Prime Minister, urged greater collaboration among Muslim nations in business, investment, and economic realms during the Global Muslim Business Forum.

He stressed the need for Muslim countries to unite and focus on collaboration rather than competition, especially when they are neighbors. Anwar highlighted Malaysia’s positive relations with Indonesia, praising their collaborative stance instead of aggressive competition.

Anwar disclosed discussions with Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin at the Thai-Malaysia border, aiming to bolster ties, trade, and investments, in addition to noting the importance of fostering relationships, particularly in the impoverished areas of southern Thailand and northern Malaysia.

“So, if they really take the initiative, I would like to accelerate the process if we want to benefit and not to lose out in this race,” the prime minister said.

Highlighting Malaysia’s role in Islamic finance with institutions like Bank Islam Malaysia and Lembaga Tabung Haji, Anwar emphasised the inclusivity of Islamic banking, commending non-Muslims’ involvement and stressing the importance of presenting options rather than exclusivity.

Anwar highlighted the collaborative approach between different nations, citing the example of working with Indonesian President Jokowi Widodo and emphasized the need for a shared commitment to accelerate beneficial collaborations.

The prime minister also emphasised the inclusive and national approach to Islamic finance and collaboration among nations to achieve mutual growth and development.

“It is how you relate and explain instead of being partisan and exclusive. We take it as a national programme and platform and let the people choose between the conventional system and what the Islamic system offers,” he said.

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