Saturday, July 13

PM: Attempts at political manoeuvring will fail, Unity Govt has solid support

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the desperate “tebuk atap” (political manoeuvring to orchestrate the collapse of the government) attempts by the Opposition will not succeed because the Unity Government, which is helmed by 18 component parties, has “bumbung yang konkrit” (solid support).

Throughout the one year of leading the government, the prime minister admitted that never once have they been at loggerheads due to each party’s policy differences.

“Bumbung kita bumbung konkrit (Our roof is made of concrete),” he said.

“In Putrajaya now, there is no more political manoeuvring.

“There have been attempts, some said in August but I think we have our strengths. Not once have I been at loggerheads with the Cabinet ministers due to party differences… everyone has different opinions,” he said at the dialogue session during the closing ceremony of the Madani Government one year anniversary programme on Sunday.

The two Deputy Prime Ministers Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof also took part in the session.

Anwar said that based on the strengths of the component parties, the government would pay full attention to lifting Malaysia as a developed and great nation in the region.

Meanwhile, the prime minister said the people’s view that he worked alone in managing the country was not true, adding that the perception needed to be changed.

He said every Cabinet minister played a crucial role in navigating their respective ministries and he is not directly involved.

“… that’s why we have this exhibition (Madani Government one year anniversary programme), so that (the public) can see the role of every ministry. We meet every week, about the economy, finance, KKR (Public Works Ministry), health, education, commodities, (and) Miti (Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry).

“If we look at Miti, hundreds of billions (of ringgit): that’s not the job of Anwar alone; not possible… that means the minster is (working hard),” he said.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Zahid reiterated that all the parties remain committed to fully supporting Anwar to continue to lead the Madani Government.

“Even at every meeting, the secretariats have submitted reports that although there are differences of opinion at the grassroots level, they do not constitute the opinion of the party but that of individuals,” he said.

Fadillah concurred, saying all component parties would work together for the Unity Government to progress in governing the country, and to focus on efforts to strengthen the economy for the well-being of the people.

“One year, [and] we have achieved it, Insya-Allah in four years, we can become a more prosperous nation, (and) the well-being of the people will be maintained. Give us your support; we will work even harder,” he said. – Bernama

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