Sunday, May 26

Police Chief Warns of Surge in AI-Driven Crime in Malaysia

Comm Datuk Seri Ramli Mohamed Yoosuf, the Federal Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) director, has raised a red flag over the expanding employment of artificial intelligence (AI) by criminal entities, stressing concerns about deep fakes, voice spoofing, and financial market manipulation.

Highlighting a recent incident involving a deepfake video depicting a Malaysian leader endorsing a dubious get-rich-quick scheme, Ramli categorised it as a glaring example of AI manipulation for malicious purposes.

“The promises made in that video are too good to be true, which means it is most definitely an investment scam,” he stated, emphasizing the absurdity of such videos.

“The public needs to be prepared and be aware of such things,” Ramli emphasised, underlining the critical role of knowledge and awareness in countering AI-driven crimes.

He urged vigilance among both law enforcement agencies and citizens, citing potential risks posed by AI advancements in various sectors.

Ramli anticipates the integration of AI into criminal activities targeting Malaysians as early as mid-2024.

“Once this occurs, every service that has gone online could face the risk of being infiltrated,” he warned, expressing concerns about potential financial sector breaches and data manipulation.

Referencing a reported case in Hong Kong where AI deepfake technology allegedly deceived facial recognition systems in loan applications, Ramli highlighted the gravity of such advancements, urging caution and public education against manipulative practices.

“The best weapons the public will have against AI are knowledge and awareness,” Ramli stressed, highlighting the importance of public preparedness in countering potential AI manipulations and emerging cyber threats.

While no direct commercial cases involving AI have been reported in Malaysia, Ramli cautioned against overlooking the possibility, noting the need for preemptive measures against potential AI-enabled crimes.

Ramli’s concerns echo global apprehensions about the increasing sophistication of AI-enabled crimes, urging proactive measures to thwart potential threats in Malaysia.

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