Tuesday, May 28

Real Life Iron Man Inspired Mansion

Hey Marvel fans! Remember Tony Stark’s epic Malibu house perched on the cliff? Well, guess what? You can actually live it up in South Africa!

They call it the “Iron Man Villa” in Clifton, Cape Town. According to local architecture firm Peerutin Karol, it’s a “futuristic architectural masterpiece” paying homage to American Architects’ finest works.

Situated on Clifton’s Nettleton Ridge, it’s in one of Cape Town’s swankiest neighborhoods, and let’s be real, probably one of the most envy-inducing spots on the globe.

Now, here’s the kicker – this six-bedroom villa can host up to 12 lucky folks for a ‘mere’ $20,000 a night. The big question is, if you had the cash, would you go all in for a night in the Tony Stark-inspired digs?

Watch the video below for a tour of the house.

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