Tuesday, May 28

Rozita Ibrahim – How She Became Known as the Iron Lady


We are all aware of the ever-so-popular YouTuber Bonda Rozita Ibrahim. It was in Malaysia that she entered this world on August 30th, 1975. Bonda is a household name in Malaysia, but she is also a social media sensation thanks to the 406,000 people who subscribe to her YouTube channel for her comedic videos, delicious recipes, and helpful health suggestions. Her YouTube channel has had consistent growth since the time she started, and she has taken on new business adventures proving her true enterprising nature. 

Starting a business isn’t a walk in the park; the founder had to go through hundreds of trial and error sessions, including testing the product out on herself. Sendayu Tinggi was founded in 1997 after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. She now has more than two thousand distributors around Asia. Today, her businesses encompass ventures in hospitality and traditional housing that have been modernized to fit the 21st-century family adventure or even a romantic getaway. Rozita has also brought about a product business that specialized in a variety of health and beauty products for both men and women. 

Few people are aware of Rozita Ibrahim, a successful businesswoman who started from very modest beginnings. She is one remarkable lady who has built quite a reputation for herself. Rozita Ibrahim had an emotional roller coaster of life before she became a successful businesswoman. 

After being coerced into marrying a man she hardly knew at age 16, she quickly found herself a divorcee the following year. She had to put food on the table for her kids at such a young age by working as a rubber tapper. Many women in the local community of Malaysia and abroad have heard her story and admire her for her strength and empowering characteristics. She is an idol to many and an icon through and through. 

A true woman to look out for in the coming years has she notably maintained her elegance and perseverance through the pandemic – now it is only exciting to wait and see what the Iron Lady does next.

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