Saturday, July 13

 ‘Save Our Animals’ – HABIB Collab With Zoo Negara

 ‘Save Our Animals’ – HABIB Collab With Zoo Negara

HABIB today launched ‘Save Our Animals’ programme, in collaboration with Zoo Negara in a bid to help the national zoo to continue providing for the animals.

According to Datin Sri Zarida Noordin, Executive Director of HABIB Group, she stated that the Covid-19 pandemic was unforeseen, and it has significantly impacted the whole world.

“This unprecedented phenomenon gave rise to a new conscience; how are our animals faring, especially the ones in our zoos?”

“How can we all help to save our Zoo Negara for our future generation to experience their zoo visit and see the animals as how we all have,” Zarida adds.

HABIB has also contributed a minimum of RM50,000 to Zoo Negara to support the care of its wildlife and the upkeep of its supporting facilities.

In addition to that, HABIB has designed a limited edition gold wafers featuring Zoo Negara’s six iconic animals, namely Hornbill, Panda, Orang Utan, Mouse Deer, Malayan Tiger and Elephant.

“Every piece of the gold wafers sold, a portion will be contributed to Zoo Negara,” Zarida said during the launch.

The gold wafers come individually packed, priced at RM 118 each or it can be bought in a set of six, offered at RM 708. The gold wafers are available at all HABIB outlets.

“We hope that this will encourage Malaysian to continuously help support in saving and protecting these endangered animals and maintain the Zoo Negara,” Zarida said.

Image source: New Straits Times Press

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