Saturday, July 13

Sedania Technologies Sdn Bhd Signed A Contract with Pos Malaysia to Help to Reduce Energy Usage

Sedania Technologies Sdn Bhd, a Sedania Innovator Berhad’s sub company has signed a six-year contract with Pos Malaysia in helping to provide solutions to reduce energy consumption for the nation’s mailing company. It said that this contract represents this green technology company entry into the local supply chain sector which has seen a significant growth due to online shopping.

Sedania planned to implement energy saving technologies based on Energy Performance Contract or EPC. Organisations will then be able to reduce its energy consumptions substantially on a zero-capex basis besides enable organisations to pursue their ESG objectives.

The renewable energy solutions will be first implemented to the selected eight Pos Malaysia’s branches in Klang Valley starting this year and to be completed in three months. It is an energy performance contract, the contract value is based on the company’s achieved energy saving performance after installing its GreenTech solutions.

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