Saturday, July 13

Selangor Unveils Record-Breaking RM2.53 Billion Budget for 2024

Selangor’s Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari, presented the largest-ever budget of RM2.53 billion for the year 2024, themed “Selangor Mandiri: Driving Progress, Igniting Unity.”

The budget allocates 52.6% (RM1.33 billion) for administrative expenses and 47.4% (RM1.2 billion) for development expenses.

Amirudin highlighted the state’s optimistic revenue outlook, estimating the collection of around RM2.2 billion in taxes based on the successful track record of collecting RM2 billion between August last year and September this year.

Land premium is anticipated to be a significant contributor, amounting to RM 890.94 million, constituting 40.5% of the total estimated revenue.

During the tabling of the Selangor State Budget 2024 at the state legislative assembly, Amirudin noted a budget deficit of RM330 million, a reduction of RM120 million compared to the previous year.

Despite experiencing a deficit for the past six budgets, the State Government aims to mitigate this figure through prudent expenditure control measures and adherence to sound financial governance principles.

Amirudin emphasised the budget’s focus on four main thrusts: “Quality investment catalyst, generating high income,” “Raise environmental education, guarantee a sustainable environment,” “Protecting the welfare of the people,” and “Raising the unity of the community.”

The strategic priorities underscore Selangor’s commitment to balanced development, economic growth, environmental sustainability, social welfare, and community cohesion.

As Selangor charts its ambitious course with this record-breaking budget, Amirudin affirms the government’s dedication to responsible financial management, ensuring that expenditure controls are implemented without compromising the effectiveness and impact of public spending.

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