Tuesday, May 28

First SEA Woman to Join Spain-based Cycling Team is a 21 Year Old Malaysian

Siti Nur Aliaa Mansor is a 21-year-old Malaysian woman who has truly made Malaysia proud recently as she was signed up by Canyon-SPRAM for a one-year contract. 

Siti Nur Aliaa Mansor

From the state of Terengganu, this talented cyclist stated that the offer from the team was a dream come true for her. 

The highlight of this remarkable news is that the 21-year old will now be known as the first-ever and only Malaysian woman cyclist to compete in the UCI Woman’s Worldtour which is a premier female elite road cycling tour. 

 Siti Nur Aliaa Mansor

Through her experience, she has mentioned how she gets nervous to cycle with more experienced teammates, yet she has not failed to preserve and gain the courage to perform outstandingly during competitions locally.

2018 Malaysia Games (Sukma) silver and bronze medalist Siti Nur Aliaa is now going international and we look forward to watching this amazing woman excel even further.

Siti Nur Aliaa Mansor has mentioned how she dreams of competing in the renowned Olympics, and we truly believe that an ikon like her will surely reach such goals.

 Siti Nur Aliaa Mansor

Hard work and determination truly pay off and all around the world Malaysians are achieving outstanding success and the recognition for such ikonic achievements is celebrated by our community in great abundance. 

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